There is a metaphysical, darker side to this project. We said that the universes are infinite, each one of them. But it has probably already occurred to you, that another important question has yet remained unanswered. The question of what might lie in between them? And the answer seems obvious: between the universes there must be God.

This triptych tries to depict the metaphysical implications of the multiverse theory: the first panel shows the multitude of scientific evidence and again inter-universal travel gone wrong. The perspective is nonlinear and multilayered.
The main panel offers a straight on view of the universes, the gold background indicates the presence of a higher power and again there is an example of bates and traps in black holes.
The third panel is shifting views again and offers the point of view onto another universe when being sucked into a black hole/ wormhole of sorts. Gravity grows to infinity and tears the traveler apart.