Performance at SOMArts, San Francisco
THIRD STRIKE: 100 Performances For The Hole
- December 10 2011

Format: Each performance was 4 minutes long and took place in, around, in contradiction of, or was inspired by "The Hole" a 100-year-old former sand casting pit in the floor of the SOMArts Main Gallery.

The Mechanics Of Entertainment

Performing in a pit is in many ways the opposite of performing on a stage.
While on stage the performer is elevated, looked up to and safe from the audience, being in the hole has the automatic effect of being looked down upon.

In keeping with this special circumstance and the talent show style format, it seemed important to stoop as low as possible and try to please the audience with the most profane and direct tools available to performers.

The tools:
The first thing I did was to undress, then in preperation for the task of entertaining an assistant oiled my body.
I then proceeded to tell tasteless jokes that ranged from blasphemous to sexist to racist.

When the time was up my assistant threw me a bathrobe and I climbed out of the pit.



Q: How many performance artists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: I don't know, I didn't stay till the end.