slipstream - a performance with Michael Fliri and Justin Hoover

Exhibition Statement and Description

Untitled Trinity (Sound Body, Time Body, Light Body) is a single artwork consisting of three elements. First is a soundtrack playing from inside a
male element standing in the gallery. The second stands just outside the gallery’s rear window, looking towards the light. He mirrors the first, his face is unseeable. The third element walks around the block. She encircles the group, pausing for a moment to gaze into the eyes of the first element before restarting the loop again.

The Schizophrenic, the Shaman and the Enlightened.

Often, a trinity in literature means there is no start or finish. From the bible to the cult classic science fiction of Philip K. Dick, a triangle governs as a powerful form. A trinity is fundamentally magnetized along multiple axes. As two points form a line, three points form a plane, breeding dimensions.

But only one dimension is generally available to most of us. However, a few humans are able to access multiple dimensions. The Schizophrenic, the Shaman and the Enlightened are the ones endowed with the gift of mobility. Schizophrenia is at odds with modern sensibilities and deemed a pathology by medical experts. The patience required to find enlightenment is practically intolerable to all but the fewest adepts and the Shaman disappears into obscurity. But only the Shaman, the Enlightened or the Schizophrenic can guide us between these dimensions. They articulate the fluidity of mind necessary to transgress the rigidity of consciousness.

What separates one plane from the next is only the idea of perspective. For example, take a moment to imagine time travel.

Being trapped on one plane enforces the perception that time is a progression. But the Shaman, the Enlightened and the Schizophrenic realize, like Horselover Fat, Dick’s protagonist in his seminal work Valis, all times are simultaneously happening. These special minds might describe time as a chorus of voices, as a palimpsest.

Time travel is not moving in a line because there is no time. Instead all points of time co-exist. Time travel is the two nows, two voices in the chorus singing side by side. An octave is time travel.