Sleep Laboratory

Location: Mica Moca
Time: September 2, 11:30pm - September 3, 8 AM
Participants: Tracy R. - Corinne C. - Guy P. - Johanna T.

As part of the exhibition “The End Of The Dream”, the Sleep Lab explores the ability to experience in our dreams a reality that our consciousness often covers and suppresses. In our sleeping state we are more intuitive and less guarded, so our dreams may be the best indication of what is really happening.

Four artists will spend the night at Mica Moca, an old Safe factory that has been transformed into an art space for one Summer. In the morning, before telling anyone about it, each will record what they have dreamed, in written form and as a drawing. When all dreams are on record we will share them with each other.

Human beings are effected by their surroundings, other people, their environment. Brain networking is not just annectdotal, but also of scientific interest. Our mind resonates with what we are exposed to and with each others thoughts. One theory states that our dreams begin to be networked as well and that people that are close to each other may share common images and stories. This may also go back to C.G. Jung’s model of a collective unconscious.

“What you dream when you spend the night at a new location will come true.”
- proverb

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality”
- Yoko Ono


Common themes emerged: Canada, wilderness, pathways.

Tracy R.

Corrinne C.


Guy P.



One participant did not sleep, but had a brief vision: