The Prozac Seven

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'Prozac,' (the drug) never mattered at all. Neither did issues surrounding anti-depression medication, neurological illness, the pharmaceutical industry, altered states-creativity dialectic or any ideas regarding 'constructed' identity.

The administration of the Prozac regimen for 2 months to seven artists was simply an artificially ritualized commitment around which a 'community' could revolve – the piece was an exploration of the perception' of community-- and the expressive characteristics of 'tribalism' sans kinship—

The medium of this piece was a discreet social network—or actually three concentric networks. Prozac was a public totem--an 'activating feature' that brought us together, set us apart, and presented a signifier for the larger community (and journalistic elements) to project on.

The time-based characteristics (seven interviews a day, dosage and distribution etc.) were important in terms of documentation but not integral to the operation of the piece (the shifting colors of our 'community' in public space.)

The artists talked about their 'work' and Prozac--but it never mattered what they said.