Funes the Memorious

Funes the Memorious is the story of a young man, a prisoner in his own body, whose perception and memory are superhuman.
The scenario is an adaptation of the story by Jorge Louis Borges. 
The setting is recast from an Uruguay suburb in the 1890's to a Korean village in the 1930's, during the Japanese occupation.
Funes is 28 minutes long, shot on HD Digital Video, transferred to 35 mm motion picture film, and includes passages of 2D and 3D animation.
Pre-production and the Korean adaptation were finished in the fall of 2004. 
Location shooting in Hadong and Cheulma was completed in the winter of 2004.
Editing and post-production is ongoing.  Funes is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2005.


Adam Sinykin ? writer, director
Johanna Thompson ?production manager, co-director, editor
Jee-In Kim? production coordinator, translator, financial manager
Fan Rong ? interpreter, line producer
Hong Jiang Liu ? director of photography
Michael Simborg ? cinematography
Do-Young Lee ? storyboard, camera assistant
Eui-Kyung Hwa ? research, storyboard
Gi-Won Lee ? makeup. stylist
"Danny" Lee ? driver
Hong - Kyung Kwan ? location driver
Song-Am Kang Chom-Su ? calligrapher
Kai Hong ? producer, Korean adaptation, historical consultant


Go In-Beum ? Professor Koo
Intae Chung ? Professor Lee
Soon-won Chung ? Youngje
Robin Dunn  ? Jake Mills
Suui Choi ? Suui
Soo-Hwan Tak ? Cameraman
Gue-sick Choi ? Funes
Yeong-woo Kim  ? Young Teacher
Jan Seng Bai ? Park Chun-Sob
Mal-sook Kim  ? Funes Mother
Sang-Young Yu  ? Old Man (walking)
Song Mu-Hwa  ? Old Man (seated)
Sang-Heul Yu  ? Voice of Narrator
Dae-hyun Kim ? Voice of Funes

Special Thanks

Hai-Lan Park and the Dramatic Arts Department at Dongseo Busan
Students and faculty from Dongseo Shanghai
President and Staff of Hadong Ceramic Center
Dongseo photo studio
The proprietor and staff at Jageunsangol, Cheulma
Ki-Won Kim
Jee-In Kim