Performance by Johanna Thompson

Location: Mica Moca
Time: September 3 2011, 6:21 AM


As part of “The End Of The Dream” and to mark the end of the exhibition the performance takes place at sunrise at the last day of the show.

e-s-a-e-t-p-i-r-t-s is a reverse striptease. Instead of late at night it takes place early in the morning. Instead of manufacturing dreams e-s-a-e-t-p-i-r-t-s serves to end one. Instead of the performer entertaining the viewer, the audience participates in bringing things to a close.

The performer is naked and plays Schumann’s “Träumerei” on a piano. The audience starts putting clothes on her. Unwilling to wake up and leave this dreamworld she continues to play while being dressed. The performance ends when all clothes have been successfully put on the performer and she has been removed from the piano.