door poetry




Doors symbolize transition:
Transition between different spaces.
Transitions between states of being.
Transition of time


The instance of transition is a powerful moment that happens constantly,
although we are usually unaware of it.
Sometimes places like airports or trainstations or highways
can make us aware of the power and freedom that lies in transitioning.

Only at the moment between two states are we truly free.
Free to re-invent ourselves.
Free to be whoever we are.
The transition itself is the space where art, music and poetry happen.
Intangible and ephemeral as it is we can become
profoundly changed when we experience this moment.


The project "door poetry" is a serious of installations at the edge of the door,
a space that is missed as often as the present moment itself.
Each installation symbolizes a different kind of transition,
but each one expresses the freedom of identity and the wealth of possibilities