"Absolutely Safe" at Unrock Unfest

Johanna Thompson
Absolutely Safe. A Performance
(first performed at Avantgarde Art And Music Festival "Unrock Unfest" in Essen November 2012

Variable duration
Unique piece, repeatable

A very noisy environment:
For example a room with several sources of noise, like radios, stereos, TVs at high volume.
Or a very busy intersection, a train station, an airport.
One chair.

The artist stands behind the chair.
Audience members can individually sit down on the chair in front of the artist.
The artist covers the ears of the seated audience member with her hands.
The artist then sings an individual love song to the audience member on the chair.
When the song is over the artist uncovers the participant’s ears and the person makes room
for the next audience member.
The performance ends when all people have been sung to or when the artist can no longer
feel love for the audience.